Emergency Eye Care in Dromore, Dundonald, Glengormley, and Lisburn

Emergency Eye Care Services

Don’t sit and suffer alone. If you’re having a problem with your eyes that requires urgent care then you should seek it immediately. Nobody needs reminding about how essential our eyes are and though there might be nothing wrong with them other than irritation, it’s always better to have them tested just to be sure.

At Sam Baird Opticians, emergency eye care is just one of the areas we’ve been specialising in for 35 years. We’re trained to identify multiple diseases and conditions and at varying stages of development, so you can rely on us for your peace of mind.

If you’re experiencing issues with your eyes, head to one of our five locations across the area and a member of our highly skilled and professional team will be there to help.

What We Can Help With

Red Eye :
Some infections can leave you with red, puffy eyes that become more irritated and sore over time. We’ll be able to assess your infection and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Flashes and Floaters :
Flashes occur when the jelly inside your eye shrinks a little and starts to pull on the light sensitive retinal tissue at the back of the eye. This can cause lightening like flashes of light in your peripheral vision.

Floaters appear as spots, lines or cobwebs in the vision.  They are usually more noticeable against a plain surface such as a white wall or clear blue sky. Floaters are caused by clumps of collagen floating in front of the retina and casting a shadow over  the light sensors there.

Many people have floaters that have been in their vision for a long time, these are normal and, provided they have not changed in, size shape or number are no cause for alarm.

If you suddenly become aware of new flashing lights or floaters in either eye  this could be a symptom of a retinal detachment and will require an emergency eye examination.  At this test the optometrist may want to put drops in your eyes to dilate the pupil and carry out a thorough assessment of the retina.

NI PEARs Service:
NI PEARs is an NHS scheme that funds emergency eye care for patients in Northern Ireland. Through this scheme, each patient is entitled to one emergency eye appointment per year.
This allows us to take pressure away from your local GP practice and hospital eye departments and to give our patients fast, efficient care for their eye problems.

Contact us

If you’re seeing floaters or have developed red eye, get in touch today or make an appointment online.

Lisburn : 028 9260 1888

Dromore : 028 9269 2223

Dundonald : 028 9048 5033

Glengormley : 028 9083 2138

Longstone St : 028 9260 5500

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