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According to research, at least one in five people that suffer from dyslexia will benefit from coloured lenses  in their glasses or overlays. At Sam Baird Opticians, we’re highly trained to assess patients for visual stress and other conditions, and establish whether they’ll benefit from having specially tinted glasses. Our team provides honest and open advice about your requirements and the options that you’ll most benefit from.

What We’re Looking For

The main conditions that we’re exploring in our dyslexia and visual stress treatment are Meares Irlen Syndrome and visual stress. All of our skilled opticians share years of experience at assessing these afflictions and ensuring the right treatment choice is made every time.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t available on the NHS so patients must cover this cost themselves. The price is £50. However, once the result is established, there’s no repeat fee and you’ll have guidance from one of Northern Ireland’s most skilled opticians.

Many patients also benefit from special filters that are not dramatically coloured, so let us know if you’re considering including them in your new prescription.

Contact us

If you require dyslexia and visual stress assessment, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

Lisburn : 028 9260 1888

Dromore : 028 9269 2223

Dundonald : 028 9048 5033

Glengormley : 028 9083 2138

Longstone St : 028 9260 5500

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